The Pros and Cons of the Pomodoro Method for Students!

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So I’m sure you’ve heard of the Pomodoro Method before – it’s all over productivity YouTube. Many people love it and think it’s the best, but lately I’ve been seeing people say that it’s actually not that good. Thus, this post was created. I just knew that I had to share with you the pros and cons of the Pomodoro Method!

In this post, I’ll be giving the biggest Pro and biggest Con I could possibly think of for this method. (Click here to skip to that part).

What is the Pomodoro Method?

This method is a way of managing your time when working that typically consists of 25 and 5 minute long blocks of time.

Where does it come from?

Created in the late 1980’s by the developer and entrepreneur Francesco Cirillo, the method came about when he was using a tomato shaped kitchen timer to manage his time. It is named ‘Pomodoro’ because pomodoro means tomato in Italian.

Pomodoro/Tomatoes )Symbolises Pomodoro Method)
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  • If you were to work for 5 hours without a break, your energy levels would fall quickly, and would not pick back up. However, if you were to teak a quick break every half an hour, your energy levels could reset each time, which would be more effective.


  • Many people find the flow essential when working or studying. The flow requires deep focus and no distractions, which the Pomodoro Method does not give much room for, since the breaks are distractions and they break our focus.

When should you use the method?

Even though there is a major Con to this method, it is still an essential method that every has to try, and use. Even when in the flow, the Pomodoro Method can still be used. Obviously, it wouldn’t have such quick blocks of time. Instead, it would be more like 3 hours of work, 1 hour of rest.

The method is best used for study sessions that don’t need intense focus. If you don’t work well with the flow (like me), you can use the Pomodoro Method easily at any point in your studying.

What to do if you can’t use the method!

Say you were writing an essay. Maybe the Pomodoro Method is not the best thing to use, but taking breaks is still necessary. (I would say to take breaks in between planning, writing and editing).

I cannot stress this enough, take breaks! They are essential for your energy levels to stay high, and make everything you do so much more effective!

Take Breaks

Apps to help you use the Pomodoro Method!

  • Flora
  • Pomo
  • Focus Keeper
  • Rouitnery
  • FlipClock


So, basically the Pomodoro Method was named after a kitchen timer that was shaped like a tomato, and is a way of easily managing your time to make sure you take breaks!

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