My Top 5 ways to get/stay motivated!


Disclaimer - This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something from any of the links below, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Disclaimer – This post may contain affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you purchase through one of these links, at no extra cost to you!

As a teenager in school, I often struggle to get my work done. I often leave homework to the last minute or study only a day or two before a test, instead of spacing out my studying.

Most of the time, I am up and running on Monday, getting everything done, but then I spend Tuesday afternoon scrolling through TikTok, Wednesday reading when I’m supposed to be doing homework, and by the time Thursday rolls around, I’ve pretty much given up on this week. All the YouTube videos I’ve watched say to rely more on systems and discipline – but when we are not motivated, why are we going to build systems? Or get disciplined? And that’s why I need ways to stay motivated, through music or podcasts or even just having a shower! To me, discipline can’t exist unless I have something to work towards, which leads us right into my first way to stay motivated…

1 – Find your why

I know that this is everywhere; in almost every YouTube video I’ve watched about staying motivated, I’m told to find my why. Which makes sense. If your just studying for the sake of it, or for no real purpose other than to pass your test, you might get bored quickly. Or maybe you will stop studying and tell yourself ‘This test doesn’t matter, I’ll study for the next one’. And then when the next text rolls around you’ll do the same thing again. Instead, you need to really take time to think about why you’re doing this.

Is there a certain university that you want to get into, or a job that you need certain qualifications to get? Or is school pointless for you because you want to do something more creative?

Whatever it is, you need to find a very good why that will motivate you every time. If you’re why is to get all 9’s in your GSCE’s then telling yourself ‘if you miss this study session, you won’t get a 9 in every GSCE’ should be enough to make you put down the phone and start.

2 – Mindset

Now, if you’ve watched a hundred productivity videos like I have, then I know what you’re thinking. Ugh, mindsets again! Don’t hear me wrong, a good mindset is important, but we’ll look at that later. What i’m talking about now is the app Mindset. This app contains really inspiring study motivation that really gets you up and going. Having a hard time getting up? Just pop on any motivational speech for Mindset and you’ll be up and working in no time. And these oh-so-great speeches are on Spotify to! Just go to the podcast ‘Study Motivation by Motivation2Study’ and you’ll have all the goodness with you. I personally use the free version which is fine by me. You don’t always need the expensive premium subscriptions to get the most out of something.

3 – Vision Boards

I love my vision board. I have it hung on my magnet board on my desk (although that’s just temporary placement) and it’s so nice. The pictures might be peeling of the canvas I stuck them on, but they still motivate me when I look at them. I know that a vision board won’t work for everyone, but it will for some. You should fill your vision boards with pictures of what you want your life to look like or words of affirmation. It’s important to make sure you only put things on your vision board if they really mean something to you. You certainly don’t want to waste a load of space by using pictures of a beach when you want to live in city. The pictures that you use could be what you want in the near future, or in a decade when you’ve finished school completely.

4 – Reward Systems

I don’t often use reward systems. I find that the feeling I get after I finish all my work to be a reward in itself. But that feeling isn’t enough to get me to do something. Reward systems can give you a goal to work towards, especially if all your doing is homework, and they do help with staying motivated. However, these rewards are only short term gratification. It’s much better to work towards your end goal then to 30 minutes of TikTok when you’re finished with your homework.

5 – Study With Me’s

Study with me videos can be very helpful when struggling to get your work done. It can give you the feeling of having someone to hold you accountable, as though your working alongside someone else. Just make sure you’re not watching a sped up study with me, because you won’t be able to keep up with the video. There are loads of these videos on YouTube. I would recommend using videos from the YouTube channel called The Sherry Formula. I really like these videos. The pomodoro method is used which I like when I’m doing homework. Otherwise I get bored or overwhelmed way to quickly. This is great for staying motivated when doing homework.

Thank you for reading this post! Have a great day!


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