I haven’t got much of a story to share (unless you count ‘hundreds of wasted hours passively watching YouTube videos on how to get 100% in all of your classes’ a story), but everyone has something to tell the world, something that will help someone out there. My great idea was to help others whilst having fun in my own way. I love writing, and I’ve always wanted to be an author. But I’ve found that I just don’t have the patience for writing a book. Especially not while I’m in school, dedicating lots of my time to studying. Maybe blogging will be nice for me because I’ll get to use my passion for writing and put in to play whilst helping others in some small way.

Most people I’ve seen stick to one topic (e.g sports, productivity, skin care, etc), but I’m not like that. I want to be able to share my tips and tricks on anything I think will be helpful. I want to have something to be proud of, something I will stick to that will give me purpose beyond school. There are many things I’m interested in, such as studying, routines, exercise, netball, art, writing, etc.

I hope to share all my favourite tips and recommend any good products that helped me big time! I’ve always wanted to share something to help other people who don’t want to watch hours of videos or spend time talking strangers creating classes online or spending loads of money just to end up failing anyway. At least this way, if you fail to meet your goals, you haven’t wasted money on learning what I have to say. So even though I haven’t got a story to share, I hope you will learn something from my blog!

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