35 Things to do instead of scrolling Social Media in 2023


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In 2023, we’re all addicted to our phones. It’s not healthy. But it passes time when we have ‘nothing else to do’. Well, here are 35 different things to do instead of scrolling Social Media!


  1. Go on a Walk
  2. Go on a Run
  3. Do a work out
  4. Join a sports club
  5. Go on a bike ride
  6. Join a Gym

Things to Learn

  1. Learn to draw
  2. Learn to knit
  3. Learn to crochet
  4. Learn to Sew
  5. Learn to cook


  1. Bake Cookies
  2. Bake Cupcakes
  3. Make Pancakes
  4. Make Bread


  1. Write in a journal
  2. Write a short story
  3. Start a Blog


  1. Create a Vision Board
  2. Create Goals for Yourself

Other kinds of Media

  1. Listen to Music
  2. Listen to a Podcast
  3. Watch a Movie
  4. Watch a new series
  5. Read a Fiction Book
  6. Read a Non-Fiction Book

Organise Something

  1. Organise your Room
  2. Organise your Phone
  3. Organise your Laptop


  1. Go out with friends
  2. Join a club
  3. Go to a museum
  4. Plan a trip with Family/Friends
  5. Call a Friend or Family Member
  6. Go to the cinema

So, are you going to try any of these? I get it… sometimes we just want to do nothing, and just lose ourselves in Social Media… and that’s okay! You don’t need to cut out Social Media completely… just try not to be on it all the time!

Thank you for reading this quick post! I try to post twice a week – don’t miss out!

Thank you for reading this post! Have a great day!


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